Joy Brighton, MBA

Joy Brighton MBA, M.Ed.

Joy is a longtime champion of women’s rights. Notably, in 1998, Joy partnered with SAVE THE CHILDREN to create one of the earliest micro-finance programs for women in Africa, and the first financial literacy course for women in Mozambique.

As a Pro-Choice supporter, Joy speaks out against the No-Choice political party of Radical Islam, known as Sharia-ism, which denies a women’s choice not only to reproduce, but to be educated, to be treated as equal to men, to choose a life partner, to convert away from Islam, to have due process in a court ( Rape and custody defense),  and to be safe from FGM (female genital mutilation), honor abuse and murder.

As a supporter of LGBTQ rights Joy speaks out about the denial of sexual choice and death mandate under Sharia-ism.

As a  defender of children’s rights and human rights,  Joy speaks out about the property status of women and girls under Sharia-ism.

As a  defender of individual liberties for all people, Joy speaks out about  the denial of civil rights and freedom of speech, press, religion, and due process under Sharia-ism.

For the past 9 years Joy has researched the creeping infringement of individual rights in America & Europe in the name of religion, culture or sharia.   In April 2014, Joy put together a collection of her power point slides from years of public speaking on this issue and published her first book, available on, titled.

Sharia-ism is Here: The Battle to Control Women — and Everyone Else.

Joy received her Columbia MBA in 1984 and started her career selling fixed income for a bulge bracket investment firm and later as an adjunct Professor, she taught Securities and Investments at various colleges. In 2004, Joy received a  Masters in Psychological Counseling from Fordham University and worked as an outplacement career coach, and college career counselor.

Today, Joy speaks with legal, policy, grass roots, and legislative leaders who are concerned about the challenge of Sharia-ism  to: America’s national security, civil and women’s rights, First Amendment freedoms, and sovereignty of U.S. Law.   As a specialist in Sharia Compliant Finance she advocates for   greater transparency, full disclosure and  independent due diligence in this new market, which will reveal a layer of insider control, rendering this market incompatible with Capital Free Markets and Capitalism.