Radical Islam  has expanded onto every continent, and with it Sharia-ism, the political movement of Radical Islam, whose goal of total  control of every nation and people is incompatible with Western values of individual liberties and inalienable rights.  ISIS in Syria and Iraq, Hamas in Gaza and Boko Haram in Nigeria are part of the Sharia-ism network.
The media and our U.S. Government refuse to acknowledge the Sharia-ism network in our own backyard.  
This book chronicles the surprising inroads that Sharia-ism has made in America from 2008-2014.
Sharia-ism is about politics, not religion.
Sharia-ism is about total control, not simply destruction or terrorism.
Sharia-ism, like Communism, Nazism, and Fascism before it, is propelled by leaders who govern absolutely by shutting down freedom of speech, religion, and equal justice before the law.
Why has Sharia-ism successfully rooted itself in America, while other totalitarian movements failed to become a serious threat in the United States? A super-fuel of political correctness, false cover of religion and oil dollar funding is driving Sharia-ism. It is no secret that Middle East petro-dollars are controlled by “bad actors” such as Saudi and Iranian governments and radical groups. Yet, these oil dollars are buying influence, quiet accommodation and goodwill from American Elites despite the known misalignment of these Mid-East players with America’s strategic interests.

In this resource book, you will learn how uninformed United States leaders in our justice, prison and intelligence departments, politicians, corporate executives and college presidents, are enabling Sharia-ism in America. You will also read that European and Canadian governments are doing a quick reversal of their earlier Sharia tolerance. For the past few years, debate about Sharia-ism in these regions has been fierce, and in its wake, laws are rapidly being passed to curb Sharia advances. For example:

  1. Norway has banned the construction of Saudi-funded mosques .
  2. Switzerland has banned the construction of Mosque minarets .
  3. Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Quebec & Sweden have outlawed the burqa and face veil, symbolic of Sharia-ism & legal inequality of women.
  4. Ontario has banned Sharia Courts. Great Britain is trying to dismantle its Sharia Tribunal system.
  5. Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Malta, Norway have criminalized forced marriage.
  6. Proposed legislation in the U.K. to ban Sharia Islamic Law because it does not provide the same human rights, civil rights and women’s rights as British Law.

Currently there is a debate on how to defeat ISIS in Syria.  And while we are focusing on the Middle East, Sharia-ism is deepening here in our own backyard.

Our coalition partners Saudi Arabia,  UAE and Egypt understand how to defeat Sharia-ism and are taking steps to do so.  They have 1) banned the Muslim Brotherhood in their own countries, 2) severed most ties with Iran and 3) are deporting or jailing radical Imams preaching Jihad in mosques.  Our government is doing none of these.  To the contrary, President Obama claims “the Islamic State” is not Islamic.

This book focuses on the growth of Sharia-ism in America:
– Efforts to criminalize any speech offensive to  a religious group
– Strategic lawsuits against publishers and authors who write critically of Islam
-U.S. prisons churning out thousands of converts to Radical Islam
– growing honor-abuse including forced child marriage
– Sharia lawfare litigation setting precedents for special accommodation to Islam.
Half of American converts to Islam in 2013 were women.  Many like  Katherine Russell , wife of the Boston Marathon Bomber marry handsome exotic men who slowly pull them into a world of Islamic extremism and control. How many American women may unknowingly be converted to Sharia-ism?
 I’ve compiled 50+  American news stories from 2008-2014 into a single easy to read  power-point presentation format. This  “Show N’ Tell” book is created from  publicly sourced research or quotes by 75 experts, insiders, authors, elected politicians, journalists, professionals, and world leaders, which   provide facts, context & credibility. The significance of each news story looked at individually may be of little concern. When examined as a collective whole, disturbing patterns of growing Sharia-ism in America are hard to deny.
– Joy Brighton